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Condition Guide

March 3, 2015

Book Condition Guide

We are sorry, but we do not accept books with ANY water damage or in poor condition.

 We cannot accept counterfeit books. We will not pay for them, or reimburse shipping; as they are not legitimate copies, they will be destroyed. It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure any books sent in are legitimate copies in appropriate condition.

ModerateHighlighting HeavyHighlighting
This is a book that has Moderate Highlighting. There are only a few pages like this. This book has Heavy Highlighting. There are many pages like this. 25% will be deducted.
InstructorEdition AIE
This is the Instructor Edition of the book. We will be deducting 30% from the buy back price shown. This is the Annotated Instructor Edition of the book. 90% will be deducted from the buy back price.
CustomEdition IntEd
We DO NOT buy these.
This is the International Edition of the book. Unfortunately we DO NOT buy these books.
Looseleaf ExposedAccessCodes
These are LOOSELEAF books. We DO NOT buy these unless they are in their original shrink-wrap. These are EXPOSED ACCESS CODES. Many new books come with an access code.

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